May 16th, 2020

Dan Preedy-Cancelled

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Dance Schedule



Valley Trailers Dance Schedule

June 19th 2021 Dance

Looks like we are experiencing a glimmer of hope as we return to a more normal life post Covid.

Yes, Valley Trailers are dancing again. At this juncture, as we continue to follow county guidelines, we are dancing in an outdoor venue. Mary and Tom Beatty's cul-de-sac.


Tom & Mary Beatty’s Residence/Cul-de-sac

10623 Canby Ave.

Northridge, CA 91326


Valley Trailers is having an exciting dance       , Johnny Preston will be calling for our August 21 dance. The dances will start at 6:30PM and end at 8:30PM.


You will be required to sign

  1. An “Informed Consent, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver & Release Of Liability for Square Dancing at Tom & Mary Beatty’s Residence

  2. That you understand that accessing the property for the purpose above may be dangerous or unsafe & could expose you or others to COVID-19. This is not an a A Square D sanctioned event and that no supplemental insurance is provided in case of injury or illness as a result of this activity.



We don't know when Wilkinson will reopen so, please come join us as we take advantage of the good weather and the hospitality of Tom and Mary.